It started with one mother that was in detention, separated from her 3 kids. IFT's purpose was freedom and reunification. They raised funds to pay for her bond and get her into asylum proceedings and back with her 3 kids in NY. They helped her settle and supported her as she navigated this new world.

Without knowing it, they set the blueprint that has now helped liberate 119 immigrants and reunite them with their families.

Hearing the children's cries for their parents made it personal, impossible to walk away from.
Immigration Laws

are part of a broken immigration system. The terms of immigrant's bonds require them not to become a public charge (they can't be dependent on federal aid programs) but also prohibits them from obtaining legal work.

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IFT doesn't stop at liberation. They support families with housing, food transportation, legal counsel, mental health services, school enrollment, and ESL. They help them navigate life in a new country and work with attorneys to develop strategies that will help the family retain legal status and remain united.


The U.S. Immigration system is fundamentally broken. These families came seeking a better life and resorted to crossing the border because the immigration system does not allow proper channels for many immigrants to obtain residency or citizenship. Even after being abducted at the border and inhumanely separated, these families await their immigration proceeding that will determine whether they'll be deported or allowed to stay. 

IFT works with their legal counsel to seek asylum for the families so that they can remain legally in the U.S. and have an actual path to citizenship.

Tackling All Fronts
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Humanitarian Aid

IFT supports other organizations at the border where asylum seekers are left in tent cities until their court proceeding.

Detention Support

Many people are disconnected from the world when in detention. Only through contact with the outside world.