We believe in  

We’re committed to towards our sustainability goals to minimize our environmental impact.


To us, it is important to uplift the well-being of our people with safe & ethical workplaces, and recognize our social responsibility by bringing awareness to issues that matter.

Big Changes Must Have a Start.

Progress must be assessed, measured, tracked,

and in the end, it must be celebrated  


Our Initiatives 


Organic Cotton 

organic cotton clothing

Our t-shirts & masks are made from certified organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (License #ONE-1853). This means our cotton suppliers use sustainable farming practices that don’t rely on damaging chemicals, hormones or preservatives.
Our entire line uses 100% Organic Cotton. No harmful synthetic materials, pesticides, and uses 75% less water. 

Carbon Offsets

carbon offset

We work with suppliers that use energy from 100% renewable sources. Our plan is to rid our supply chain completely from fossil fuels.


We have reduced our shipments to twice per week and we are currently enrolled in the EPA's SmartWay program to collect our emission data so we can identify areas of improvement and offset our remaining footprint. 




sustainable packaging

Our compostable mailers are made from a combination of PBAT, a bio based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. Our use of PLA makes up barely 0.05% of the annual global corn crop, making it an incredibly low-impact resource. 

The bags are certified by the leading authorities worldwide; meeting American, European, International and Australian standards – including certifications for your domestic home compost. To gain these certifications, the product must break down within 90 days in commercial compost and 180 days in domestic compost conditions, including worm farm compost. After degradation, they must leave no harmful residues behind.

Fair Trade USA

fair trade certified

Fair Trade USA is an independent, nonprofit organization that sets standards, certifies, and labels products that promote sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers and protect the environment.

We only carry Fair Trade Certified™ Sustainable Clothing. Sure it costs more, but we believe that there is no monetary incentive strong enough to violate basic human rights. Independent Auditors make sure that our suppliers continue to adhere to the stringent environmental, economic, and social standards of the Fair Trade USA Certification.

FTUSA ID: 1010251

It might be a trending topic, but it’s our lived experience that makes it important for us. Our graphics are meant to express the inclusivity of all people - race, gender identity, religion, sexuality - we all have the right to belong.


Each of our designs has a purpose, a message for the world.





We Donate 10%

For each product, there will be a dedicated nonprofit organization that will benefit from 10% of its profits. The nonprofits will be disclosed on our website and will be carefully selected by us to make sure that they are working towards the same goal we are: a better planet.