Organic Cotton Mills

Certified Organic Cotton hand-harvesting without harmful chemical defoliants. Organic farmers and gin workers are spared exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Chetna Organic


Our Supplier sources its fiber from the Chetna Organic project in central India. Chetna is a progressive collective of thousands of small to medium size land owners that practice ethical and socially sustainable farming.

Pre-harvest financing and fair prices allow farmers a livelihood of dignity. They also receive training on international fair trade criteria for employment, work environment and community development.

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The Fair Trade Mill is located in Kolkata, India and currently employs over 700 workers.


It participates in an active corporate social responsibility (CSR) program designed by Solidaridad, a Belgian non-profit. The partnership showcases how core business principles can be used to alleviate poverty, generate employment, empower women and farmers, improve labor conditions in the supply chain and support practices that protect nature and encourage bio-diversity.


Our Fair Trade Mill also carries the Social Accountability Certification SA8000 by Italian agency RINA and is also certified by FLO Cert since 2006 to follow ILO labor standards.

Fair Trade Mill

Fair Trade USA Certification ID: 1010251


Carbon Footprint

Through our suppliers, we have opted for carbon offsets from Native Energy on all the shipment of our garments.

To transport products from their India mill to their warehouse in CA, USA, they predominantly use ocean shipping. According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ocean transportation has the lowest eco impact with carbon emissions of approx. 15% of road and less than 1% of air. Since routes are usually developed in existing waters, developing and maintaining a waterway draws much less on our earth’s resources. 

Additionally, we only make shipments 2x per week to reduce our carbon emissions.