ECU Strategic ϲʹ Plan 2023-2028

As one of the most research-intensive art and design universities in Canada, ϲʹ of Art + Design connects art, media, and design practices with some of the most pressing questions of our time.

At ECU, we believe that our research can help to transform the world, build healthier and more vibrant futures, and cultivate cultural resilience throughout our local and global communities.

The provides a framework for the growth and development of a rich array of research activity across the university. It reflects the priorities of ECU’s research community for research excellence, emergent practice-based research, and impactful cross-sectoral collaboration.

While this document cannot highlight the full range of research, critical and creative practice, and innovation created by our research community, students, and staff, it builds upon these successes towards a new cartography of the principles and priorities that will drive our research community into the next stage of growth and excellence.

The plan identifies new Guiding Principles, ϲʹ Themes, and Strategic Objectives aimed at increasing our community’s capacity for engaging in research, exploring innovative and dynamic research programs, and advancing our efforts to build stronger training opportunities, partnerships, and innovation pathways.

This Strategic ϲʹ Plan outlines our priorities and the actions we will take to achieve these goals over the next five years and aligns with the for strategic research plans.